Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roma, I promised you that I would finally update the blog so here you are.
In all innocence, we couldn't find the camera. So, I'm sorry.
We'll everyone has been sick with a flu bug. And it couldn't possibly happen all at the same time. No. It had to be one at a time. Yes, I am so tired now. I guess that I need my Sunday afternoon nap. Ha, ha!!!!!!!
Rylan had a soccer game yesterday. Poor guy, you could tell he was so tired from being up all night. Katie has been doing great with her gymnastics and loves it! In fact I'm thinking of putting Kylie in when she turns 3. I bet she would love it. And, Josh is just Josh. Getting big, starting to think that he is going to crawl anytime now. Life is good, no complaints!
Katie's Baptism August 30, 2008

Way cute picture!

Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!! She did it!

Dad and Katie almost ready!

Grandma and Grandpa and us at the stake center.

Katie on the way to the stake center to be baptised!

Kylie finally fell asleep

Katie's 8th Birthday