Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well it has been way too long since I have updated this thing. I have no excuse. This is such a busy time of year for us, we have everyone's birthday all the holidays crammed right together. Things have been going well and the kids are doing great in school. We hope that everybody has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Us in our sunday attire.
The kids made my birthday cake. They are so cute!

Rylan playing in his first basketball game. He even made a basket! Yeah!!!!

Dad gives Josh Haloween candy.

Kids ready for trick-or-treating!!! It ended up being in the 60's, I couldn't believe it!

Joshie's first haircut and a cookie!!!

Kylie and her birthday cake.

The sting wray was having fun with the kids! We were all dry but Katie!

Move over Steve. This is one fine piece of fish!

Terrible pic of the fam at the aquarium. At least we tried. Jordan was with us.

Our big birthday girl! October 21st at the Denver aquarium.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sister missionaries at our house Sunday eveing!

This week has been a crazy one. I guess like all others. We had parent teacher confrences and both Rylan's and Katie's teachers had really great things to share about them. Katie is doing awsome in her reading like always. She is a great participater. But, has a hard time focusing. Not suprised seeing that her best friend sits on the opposite side of the room. Rylan always finishes his work and is a great colorer. He is a wonderful helper which I can atest to. I'm so proud of my kids they are the best! Kylie is doing well at her pre-school. Although is deathly afraid of Mrs. Casie's dogs, but we're working on it. She is also doing much better at her colors. Joshua has just turned 9 months old. So, I'm wondering where the time went? He is justloving his brother and sisters and always wants to be in on the action!

The weather is starting to turn cooler. I'm looking forward to driving through Weber canyon next week and see all of the beautiful colors.

The most beautiful 2 year old ever!

Contagious smile

Katie entertaining herself

While we were at Rylan's soccer game a Stealth Bomber (B2) flew over us. This pic if awful, but if you use your imagination and look very hard, you will see it in the clouds between the houses!

Katie dolling me up. I wish you could see the look on her face. So serious!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roma, I promised you that I would finally update the blog so here you are.
In all innocence, we couldn't find the camera. So, I'm sorry.
We'll everyone has been sick with a flu bug. And it couldn't possibly happen all at the same time. No. It had to be one at a time. Yes, I am so tired now. I guess that I need my Sunday afternoon nap. Ha, ha!!!!!!!
Rylan had a soccer game yesterday. Poor guy, you could tell he was so tired from being up all night. Katie has been doing great with her gymnastics and loves it! In fact I'm thinking of putting Kylie in when she turns 3. I bet she would love it. And, Josh is just Josh. Getting big, starting to think that he is going to crawl anytime now. Life is good, no complaints!
Katie's Baptism August 30, 2008

Way cute picture!

Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!! She did it!

Dad and Katie almost ready!

Grandma and Grandpa and us at the stake center.

Katie on the way to the stake center to be baptised!

Kylie finally fell asleep

Katie's 8th Birthday

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This was our trip to Utah. As you can see there are no pictures of our trip to Golden Spike. Why? Oh yeah...I forgot the camera. It was a ton of fun, minus the car ride.
July 2-July 22
Rylan thinking that he's a real man
Steve and Katie on Wild Mouse

Kylie at lagoon

Katie and Rylan playing in the fountain at the Gateway. Kylie wouln't get wet. Jason did though!

Riding the front runner

Fishing with grandpa

We went to the Hill AFB "Jet Museum" with grandma and Tifany

Mark, Rachael, Rylan and Tori playing Rock Band

At uncle Doug's
Mowing the lawn with Grandpa!

The kids just loved to see their cousin. We love Jason!

Mom and Dad at the fireworks

Kylie at the fireworks at Davis. Came all that way to see fireworks and decided to watch the ipod.
Joshua's first taste of the good life! I think it was squash.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I didn't finish my post for last week, so I just combined it with this week. We had our first "Gilmore Store". The kids loved it. They didn't earn enough points to get any of the big things, but they still had fun. They actually did a lot better this week so they have a few more points. Last week Our Young Women had girls camp. I didn't stay the whole time though, I was able to sleep in my nice comfy, warm bed. We took the girls up tuesday then went back up for the day on friday. That wednesday our family went to the Sky Sox game. They played Salt Lake! It was funny to see everyone turn and look at us whenever we cheered for the "other" team. Unfortunately Colorado Springs won. This week has gone by pretty quickly. Nothing extremely exciting. Although Steve and I went out last night with NO kids! We went to dinner, it's amazing how nice it is to just sit down and eat and talk. After we went and saw the new Indiana Jones. We got there kinda early which was good because that place filled right up. I was suprised because the movie had been out for a while. It was fun. Today at church the kids were pretty good. This whole "Gilmore Store" and bribing them with points works great! Rylan gave the scripture in Sharing Time. 2 Nephi 12:2. He's so cute! We can't wait to go to Utah on Wednesday. We'll see you soon Mom and Dad!!!!!!!