Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter was so fun, although we didn't really need all the candy! Colorado is great but we are still wondering if spring is really here. We are all doing great and only 61/2 weeks until our new edition! That part makes me happy! Love you everyone!!!
I love those Gilmores! Dad too, but he doesn't want to get his picture taken.

Heart breaker!!!

Our gorgeous "Tom Boy"!

Handsome devil :)

Real life princess!!!

We are coloring our Easter eggs.

Rylan's first soccer game for the season. He scored a goal!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wow! I almost forgot that I had a blog! For the grandparents(well I should say Steve's parents, because I'm pretty sure that mine have never even looked at this) my computer is up and running, so we should have more pics soon.
Things have been going pretty well lately. Not a whole lot to complain about. Katie has just finished her CSAPs(testing) at school. She was so psyched out about it. I think that her teacher was telling them that there was nothing to worry about. So, of course she was worrying. Rylan has been doing very well with his reading. He wrote me the cutest note the other night. Everything was spelled wrong, but I knew what it said. I think that he is so ready for full day school. Poor kiddo is so bored at home until Katie gets home. He had been begging me for a play date and so yesterday he had a friend over. He just wanted to sit there and watch T.V. the whole time! Little turkey. Kylie has been making so much progress at school. Academically as well as socially. She wouldn't speak to anyone except for at home, now she is slowly coming out of her shell. She actually gets excited for school days. She is also such a good friend to Rylan. I really wish that he would notice that. She loves everything he loves. She is such a tom-boy.
Josh, is getting so big so quick. It is so amazing to me. Tomorrow he will be driving a car. His first tooth is finally coming in. I think that there are a few more just waiting to pop out any time now too. Poor thing. I think that it is so much harder on them when they are older as opposed to the norm 5-6 months. Anyway, there have been a few steps here and there too. He is just taking his sweet time. He has also been fasinated lately with babies. Interesting! I hope he still likes them come June. Baby is doing well. 25 weeks now. I think. We are going to be getting another ultrasoud next week because the placenta is previa. I hope I said that right. They want to see if it is moving at all as the baby is getting bigger. Steve has been really into his sports lately. He has been doing the church ball thing and coaching the YM ball on Saturdays. Plus the poor fellow gets to play during the work hours and gets paid for it. He has also been a big help raound the house. I hate to wash dishes and he really helps me keep up with them. he is such a good dad!!!! It's so fun to him walk in the door at the end of the day and the kids go running for him. Love you Steve( I don't think that he has ever looked at the blog either)!
Well, hopefully I will be putting some pics on here soon. Until then, love you all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello everyone! Slacker is my name, but I have a legtimate excuse. My computer is dead once again. So, it will be a little while until there are pics. Sorry grandma and grandpa! The holidays were great. The kids loved Christmas and I didn't even hear complaining about not getting what they thought they should get. Maybe there's hope yet. We headed to Utah for New Years and loved seeing everyone. I guess that half of us getting the flu while there wasn't too bad because we all came out alive!
The last few weeks for some reason have just gone by so quickly. The girls had their show days for gymnastics. I knew that Katie would do wonderful, and she did, though I worried for Kylie just because she is so shy. It took her a minute to warm up, but by the end she was so confident. I was so proud. Afterward, I have never heard her talk so much without even taking a breath. It seems to have paid off.
Also, if anyone hasn't already heard our news, we are expecting #5! It's more of a shock to me than you I promise. Baby is due beginning of June. We will get to see if it's a boy or girl the first week of feb. I say it's a girl. I haven't been wrong yet. Besides, kids say that if it's a boy it would ruin the pattern!:) We don't care either way. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!